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What Self-storage Cells are and how to optimize them?

You choose: a standard or customized storage cell


The total area of ​​Kiler.bg is 3400 sq.m, divided into 750 warehouse cells located on three floors. The dimensions of the cells deliberately vary - ranging from 1 to 20 square meters. The price per square meter is 40.80 BGN with VAT per month. The largest storage cells are 20 square meters with a rent of 480 BGN with VAT. The study and planning took 1 year, and we were consulted by two of the largest companies in the area. The design and construction of the storage cells are made by one of the two largest companies in this field, who also consult the creation of the whole project Kiler.bg


Effective utilization of storage cells

It is useful to have in mind that you can assimilate the entire height of the room when storing luggage. This means that 5 squares of space, for example, are not small. Storage cells in the Killer have a height of 2.40 m, which - with good arrangement of the items - can collect a surprising amount of stuff. So if you can calculate the amount of luggage properly and plan smartly (for example, keep in mind that heavy objects should be close to the floor, lighter and more fragile to be well packaged, etc.), you can save money from renting a larger storage cell.


Customization of storage cells

In case our clients need more space, we can prepare an individual cell for 24 hours. In addition, we can provide shelves and racks for your storage cell.


Safety and security of storage cells

When applying, you get the magnetic card to take possession of the room. The card is personal, on the name of the tenant. It unlocks the front door of the large storage room. It also shuts down and switches on the alarm in the rented storage cell. A software monitors the alarm systems in each storage cell. Since the customer's magnetic cards are personal, the system records who and when came in, came out, as well as when the alarm has been turned on. There are surveillance cameras at the entrance and in the corridors, but not in the storage cells, due to non-interference in the customer's personal space.


Storage warehouses maintenance

The rental price includes maintenance, with no additional charges. Upon leaving, the storage cell should be cleared by the tenant and handed over as it is rented. The ventilation-cooling system maintains a temperature between a minimum of 5 degrees and a maximum of 30 degrees. It is forbidden to store substances and materials that are toxic, easily flammable or emit steam, gas, smoke, odor or noise.


Access to storage cells

The access to the common building and storage rooms is from 6.00 to 23.00 hrs, and the check-out is until 24.00. There is also an option for 24-hour access, which is paid extra - 25 BGN per month. The warehouse can be hired both in our office and online. Also, every customer has access to our online system and through it can pay automatically, see all the documents related to the rent and terminate the contract.

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