self storage

What is self storage?

Self-service warehouse, self-storage warehouse, warehouse to facilitate individuals and companies.


Self-storage has traditions

For almost half a century in Western Europe and the US, there is not just a service, but a whole industry called self-storage. It is the hiring of out-of-home storage facilities that can be lent to both private individuals and small or larger businesses.


But self storage is also modern!

Thanks to the fact that the self storage companies work with design studios (just like we did in!), which take care of the functional and modern vision of the self storage premises, this service is becoming more and more popular. For many people, it is a matter of status and prestige to free up space in their home, while taking advantage of reliable and modern storage of their personal belongings.


Types of self-storage

Typically, the self-storage of items is either temporary (while, say, doing a home repair) or for longer - when you have no place at home or in the company for a bunch of items, but you do not want to throw them away. Self-storage cells are suitable for remote storage of a wide variety of items: from clothing and hobby accessories, through furniture and appliances, to important archives and corporate documents.


Additional facilitation

Generally, self storage companies also offer shelves, racks, boxes, cartons, packaging materials and everything needed for self-storage. Most similar services abroad include insurance of your warehouse cell. In Bulgaria this part of the service is still unavailable. uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Here you can read more about our Privacy policy.