1.1 Agreement: The LESSEE agrees that the LESSOR shall keep and process his/her personal data (“Personal Data”) under the conditions, set out in the present Section.

1.2 Personal Data: The LESSOR shall collect, store and process the LESSEE’s identity data, and namely: name, address, identity card details (type, serial number, issuing authority, expiry date), PIN, email, phone number.

1.3 Purpose of Personal Data processing: Personal Data shall be processed by the LESSOR for the purposes of execution of the Contract.

1.4 Result of non-provision of Personal Data: Provision of Personal Data is not mandatory. However, the LESSEE’s refusal to provide Personal Data, as well as refusal for keeping and processing of the data, leaves the LESSOR incapable of entering into and executing the Contract.

1.5 Disclosure of Personal Data: Personal Data shall not be disclosed to third parties without the express prior consent of the LESSEE.

1.6 Surveillance, records, copies: The LESSOR is entitled to: (i) record telephone conversations with the LESSEE; (ii) make video/audio recordings of the LESSEE in the building; (iii) keep a copy of the ID card of the LESSEE, his/her driving license and the registration documents of the LESSEE’s vehicle; (iv) make and keep a video or copy of the vehicle’s registration numbers, used by the LESSEE to access the Unit; (v) keep the recorded audio and video recordings and use them for the purposes of execution of the Contract, including as an evidence in case of a dispute between the parties.

1.7 Duration of processing: The processing of Personal Data shall begin from the Start Date and shall continue until the date of termination of the Contract and 5 (five) years thereafter.

1.8 Lessee’s Rights: The LESSEE may exercise any of the following rights:

(I) Access to Personal Data,

(Ii) To ask for appropriate removal, deletion or updating of Personal Data. uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Here you can read more about our Privacy policy.