How does work? is the first Bulgarian self-storage rental specially designed for the convenient and secure storage of your belongings and goods. The innovative storage service provides you with all needed: from packaging, moving and transport to fully online management of your storage space. 

You can bring or take out goods from your Kiler at any time. And you can even customize the sizes if you need more or less space.   



  • сигурно съхранение sizes
    1Choose a storage space
    Choose the best option for you out of 10 sizes of storage units - from 1 to 20 sq. m. If you need we can construct the unit matching your needs or offer extras.
  • сигурно съхранение period
    2Period and payment method
    Flexible options for rental periods 6 month or unlimited rent subscription starting from 1 month. Choose online payment or at the reception in the office of Kiler Storage.
  • сигурно съхранение packaging
    We provide for you full support in terms of additional services like: shelves and packaging materials.
  • сигурно съхранение access
    4Initial access
    You'll be given a personal key and magnetic card for access to your self-storage space any time you need. Our reception is at your disposal every working day between 9:00 and 20:00 h.
  • сигурно съхранение transport
    Just make a request if you need help with transporting - we will be happy to take care of it!
  • сигурно съхранение security
    You have 5 levels of security for your storage space: personal key, magnetic card, individual alarm, video surveillance and 24 h security guard.
  • сигурно съхранение release
    It is an easy procedure indeed! You only need to notify us beforehand - 15 days before the release.

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