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Storage of fragile items

From white and black appliances, through glass and porcelain utensils to documents, books, photo albums... Fragile things require better planning and special packaging when being transported. Here are some valuable tips:


Quality boxes and cartons

Usually when moving stuff we try to provide ourselves with second-hand cartons. The problem with them though is that when it comes to fragile items these cartons are not enough secure and stable. That is why we advise you to take some thicker cartons or larger plastic boxes so as to be sure that they won’t break or tear apart or bend while moving them to the self-storage space. Also think about different-sized boxes. Have in mind that for small but heavy items you need a proper carton - relatively small. And don’t forget to label the boxes with "Fragile!" to make sure that everyone along the transport chain is careful. It is useful, in addition, to put labels on the boxes making it clear what is their content, for example: "Cups"; "Tech gadgets", "Books".


Secure the carton’s bottom

The bottom of the box is the base that will carry the weight, so it is very important to strengthen it well. Strengthen it with tape, inspect and close any small openings or potentially unstable areas. Onto the bottom you can lay an airfoil to take all the tremors on top. It's not a bad idea to wrap individually fragile items - make sure they don't bump into one another. Make sure there are no gaps between things - pack them with paper for more stable and static transportation.


Packaging materials

Get a so-called bubble foil - air-bubble wrap that protects well and is very flexible (available in rolls). It also protects against dust, scratches, moisture during storage and during transportation from home or office to the storage cell. Another type of useful foil is stretch foil, which is ideal for packaging appliances, upholstered furniture, cabinets. It's a good idea to also use a blanket (might also be old towels, clothes, etc.) for a more secure, tight wrap to protect against scratching. Be sure to provide styrofoam boards or thick paper to put between fragile items so that they do not hit each other while moving. Of course, packing tape. We at Killer.bg would also help you with a full range of packaging materials and transport services!


Air-conditioned self-storage sells

It's a good idea to make sure the room is air-conditioned and temperatures are consistent all the time, if you plan on holding more fragile things like photo albums, books, appliances. For their safe storage it is important not to have moisture and sudden changes in temperatures. At Kiler we also provide an option for air conditioning by appointment - so don't hesitate to ask.


Inventory sheet

It may seem unnecessary, but it is often a good idea to make a checklist-description of the belongings and furniture you take to a self-store room. This will reduce the chaos and help you not wonder what is where - is it still somewhere at home or you have taken it out. Also, do not forget to clean the objects you are packing for transportation so that they do not attract any insects. 


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