self storage

Safe moving of heavy stuff

Often, when moving, you have to deal with heavy, difficult-to-grip or bulky objects and furniture. Sometimes this carries the risk of injury, which we very much want to help you avoid. That's why we've come up with some brief but important tips to keep in mind when you need to move heavy things into your home, garage, or rental self-storage cell.


Step 1: Adequate judgment

Sometimes we forget that before the very moving day, it's good to sit down, look around, and decide if we can handle it only by ourselves, or we need help - a friend, a neighbor, or a team of lifters and movers, if things are too difficult to move. Do it even a week earlier so that you have the time to warn your helpers in advance.


Step 2: Get well equipped

Please do not move furniture, boxes or large objects with hard edges to the storage premises - with slippers or flip-flops. Yes, you will certainly save time, but it is very likely that you will be at a higher risk when walking or climbing stairs, and if something falls on your feet, it will certainly hurt you. Get ready with closed working shoes with a non-slip sole that provides good grip. Also, remember to use coarser, firm cloth gloves that keep your hands safe.


Step 3: Warm up and body positions

It may sound ridiculous, but we strongly advise you to warm up slightly before embarking on active moving and lifting heavy stuff. This is a physical activity that your body may not be prepared for. Get the parts of your body activated and stretched - especially the legs, waist, arms so that there is no risk of injuries. Avoid carrying or lifting weights over your head. Keep your back as straight as possible for more stability. If you need to take on weight or bend over, it is better to do so with your feet, not your waist. Move relatively slowly, with confident, smaller steps, without hurrying.


Step 4: Provide yourself with smart assistive tools

With some cleverly selected tools, you can make life a lot easier when moving loads to a self storage warehouse. For example, take crossfit wristbands or lifting belts - they provide better weight distribution, and are often used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It's a good idea to have several types of strong straps or ropes to stack, for example, several boxes on top of each other so that they do not fall when being transported. It is also helpful to have something on wheels - a large suitcase or a sliding bag thanks to which you do not lift the heavy stuff by yourself. uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Here you can read more about our Privacy policy.