self storage

Emotional benefits of cleaning

This time we will offer you a slightly different focus. It has to do with the emotions and the psychological benefits of getting rid of the clutter of things at home or in the office. The easiest way to do this is with the self-storage service - well-secured storage in rental storage cells. 


An interesting study shows...

Published in the American Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the study shows that in homes where chaos reigns, there are piles of belongings and no free space - depressive moods are more likely to activate and stress to be unlocked. In the 30 families surveyed, it was found that cluttering and frequent chaos at home had an effect on cortisol levels (the hormone that regulates the stress response of the body).


Healthier sleep

For a long time now sleep scientists have been advising people with difficulty falling asleep to build up some simple rituals: for example, to put a tighter order in their bedroom, because it soothes the sense of neatness and cleanliness. Or, in the morning, fix their bed so that they do not find chaos in the evening that reinforces a sense of insecurity and unpredictability.


Home therapy

It may sound ridiculous to you, but there is a so-called home-therapy around the world: it helps people - through clever reorganization and spatial design tips - to achieve inner harmony, making their home as light, functional and spacious as possible. This includes say goodbye to unnecessary items or too many items for which you can use services such as renting a self-storage warehouse. Dr. Nicole Keith of Indiana University even finds a correlation between health and a tidy home: people living in neat homes are healthier than those in messy homes. uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Here you can read more about our Privacy policy.