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Valuable recommendations about self-storage from abroad

As we have already told you, the self-storage service has long been sought and preferred by people in the US and Europe. Decades of experience has created a few good practices that users actively share with one another in order to help newcomers in this field. We have made a special selection of valuable recommendations from foreign users that will save you browsing and reading.



"With experience, I found it is very important to clean the furniture that you are going to store in the self-storage space. Before packing them and transporting them to the warehouse, be sure to look around and scrub them, get the dust and spider webs, if any. It is a good idea that the furniture and other belongings are clean before being stored, so that as soon as you get them in use again, they are still clean."

Mike, 55, Arizona



"It has happened several times that some furniture details are lost or detached in the process of moving. This is why it is best to dismantle some details before transporting. For example, handles of cabinets, legs or bed frames, etc. They usually stick out or bulge and sometimes can be damaged or torn off when carrying. So just remove them and pack them, attaching them to the packed furniture they are part of. "

Amanda, 38, London



I have a very efficient rule for how to arrange the items in the warehouse: vertically - the fragile items must always be on top, horizontally - as closer as possible to the door you need to store conveniently the items that you will supposedly need more often.”

Haneke, 45, Germany



“There’s much more talk about the things we can store out of home, but not so much about those improper for self-storage. For instance, all kinds of foods and beverages that are fragrant and might attract insects or animals with their smell. By the same logic - items that are aromatized or actively emit aroma. Plants of any kind are also not supposed to be kept at a self-storage cell. Hazardous chemical materials (gas, fireworks, etc.) and guns, fertilizers, bio trash.”

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