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What you need to know before starting your online clothing storе


It seems quite easy and interesting to launch an online clothing store and sell from there. It seems that you pay almost nothing because you do not rent a space and staff for a physical store. However there are some basic things that are important to consider in advance in order to avoid some stressful situations. Here's what they are:


Allocate budget

It is good to have an amount that can cover the costs for the next 6 months. Unforeseen changes often occur in the fashion market. Consumer demand may change sharply due to weather change or the influence of celebrities and mass media. These factors determine the mood of people and hence their choice of clothes.


Ensure a virtual room

Clients like to shop from sites with user-friendly navigation and attractive design. To create one you can use the services of an online platform or hire a web designer. The first option is more affordable, but the second one allows you to create the web store of your dreams. Its brand name is also important so that people can easily recognize and remember it.


Provide yourself with a real space

A mandatory component to any online clothing store is a suitable storage space. Kiler offers premises in 10 sizes from 1 to 20 sq. m. There is an option for renting a custom made warehouse of particular sizes. The access to each cell is easy, facilitated with modern elevators, and 5-level security system giving you peace of mind that not only your items but your business is in safe hands.


Deliver and exchange goods quickly and easily

The main reason people do not shop online is because they can not test items for real. So fast delivery and convenient and reliable return and exchange of goods is what you will make them shop online. After all, everyone would prefer to save time going to a real shop if they get the same shopping and financial conditions. Kiler provides a great opportunity to quickly and easily dispatch goods through the Automatic Post Office of Speedy, which operates 24 hours.


Deliver your products in a good shape

When distributing ordered goods, it is important not only to look good, but also to be well packaged. For your convenience, Killer offers packaging as well as the very packing materials. You can take advantage of a special packing area to take care of your items.


Often supply new items

It is important that your store offers variety which must be well-visible in the NEW section. However, this is a difficult task in terms of distribution, logistics and transport. Killer offers a special transporting shuttle and since recently electrical rental cars - Spark, for which we also have a charging station in the warehouse area.




The online store can not develop without online advertising. Create a social networking account. You can also use Google AdWords. Contact an Influencer to promote the services of your store. You can also prepare small surprises for customers with promotional materials such as pens and calendars with the company’s name branded on them.

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