складови помещения

Are you moving into a new place? Here are some tips to help you

Let's be honest - moving is not one of the most enjoyable activities in life. Still, sometimes we have to do it. And this is often accompanied by disorder, tension, lost things. It does not have to be like this. Now there is Kiler Storage and everything is easier! Whenever you need storage space, transport, security and 24-hour access to your furniture, documents or personal belongings, Kiler is at your service. Here are some more tips to avoid chaos from moving:

Make a list

This is a starting point, whether you are from the people who adore lists or those who hate them. Go through all the rooms and list the important items. Divide them by type, depending on how you pack them to make it easier for you.
Be sure to prepare the things you will need for packing, for example - boxes of different sizes, tape, stretch wrap. Get them in advance, and why not directly from the Kiler store - there is everything in different sizes.

Wrap accurately
Start with the valuable items. Continue with packaging the fragile things and remember to wrap them first in a newspaper and then with bubble wrap. You will also need a roll of transparent foil for open toiletries, bottles, detergent tubes and more.

Use labels
Take time to label and group the labels on each box before moving. This will save you the endless search for the right one afterwards. Also use color coding - this means marking different colors on the label according to the items you have stored in the box. This makes it easy to distinguish them without even having to open boxes.

Don’t do everything  by yourself

This is the first rule when moving, although we have placed it fourth here. Invite friends to help! Do not carry the heavy boxes by yourself - it's easier with friends, and far more fun. Of course, do not forget to thank them with a treat at the end. A good job is worth celebrating!

Make sure you have enough space
Wherever you go, make sure the new place will fit your old stuff. If this condition is not met, then Kiler is the decision for you. Kiler.bg is the first Bulgarian self-storage rental which offers premises in ten sizes from 1 to 20 sq.m. If none of these sizes works for you, we also offer premises made specially according to your needs.

Make sure you things are in a safe place
Maybe there is a place to store your belongings, but are they safe there? In Kiler we provide five levels of protection, including 24-hour security and video surveillance, individual alarm, magnetic card and personal key. We also comply with all GDPR requirements in case you want to store documents. Moving documents is often difficult, so for your convenience, Kiler provides transport on request.

Finally, the access

No matter how secure your items are stored, the most important thing is your access to them. Therefore Kiler is available 24 hours in order for your belongings to be available, no matter what in what daytime you need them.

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